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Hello and welcome to the Radix of Thole.
The Radix of Thole originated as a group of friends that led to something a lot bigger and in-depth. We were originally known as the "Rule of Two". However due to technicalities and problematic errors, the decision was made for change. For over the past 7 years we always did what we loved to do, play Star Wars Galaxies together. Over time some left and others have come, sadly it is unavoidable. However, it is what made us who we are today.

We roleplay together as a Sith Empire that contains the format of two branches. One is a Sith Academy for those die hard Darkside RP'ers. The other contains the layout of an organized military clone regiment. The best of both worlds coming together to make something awesome and exciting. We are accustomed to having weekly meetings and events.

Now I know you may think this is just another RP guild, "what's so special?" Well we also include PvP and PvE.

Heroics and quest grinding? No problem

Battlefields and war zones? We got that too!

We like to keep an open competition and lore friendly based atmosphere for our members all together. All do just about everything so that way the experience is more enticing and creative! With all of that said, let it this be clear. RoT may not focus on one aspect or the other too much, or at least we try not too; but we want players who are willing too balance their invested time out with these aspects as well. We may not roleplay around the clock, but we still expect ourselves as well as others to do it correctly and effectively. The same concept goes toward PvE and PvP as well.

We have our very own guild website, and raid call which is a free chatting server for our guild. All additional information can be found on the guild website. Please keep in mind that members are required to make a membership on our website after contacting and being interviewed by a guild representative if they are interested.

I hope this does well on helping you. Once again, welcome to the Radix of Thole. 

   Darth Tekavor
      Leader of the Radix of Thole 
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